5 Best Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate with Video Content

You probably have heard a thousand times how videos are changing the world of marketing. Video content is now considered the most successful marketing tool of all time. So, if you are still not using video content to maximize your brand’s reach and sales, this is your sign to get started.

Almost all marketers have said that producing video content for their brand has brought about a drastic change in its conversion rate. However, if you have been using video content to market your brand for quite some time and still are not getting expected results, this article is here to help you out.

The thing is, your job doesn’t end after making video content for your brand and posting them on social media platforms. You need to keep in mind many other aspects to get the results you want. In this article, you will learn the five best ways to increase your brand’s conversion rate.

Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate with Video Content

It takes so much more than just making video content and posting it on social media handles to achieve all your business goals. Let’s look at the 5 best ways to make sure that your video content gains more views, generates more leads, and converts said leads into sales.

1. Optimize the Video Placement

Before you get all excited about posting your videos on all your social media platforms, take some time to think about what’s the best platform for your brand.

What may perform really well on Instagram may not live up to your expectations on LinkedIn. But, if your video content receives appreciation on Instagram, you can go ahead and post the same on Facebook, YouTube, and other similar platforms.

Other than that, make sure to showcase the video on your brand’s landing page. Having a video on your brand’s landing page will not only impress the audience but will also encourage them to stay on your brand’s website for longer than usual.

This will notify Google that your brand’s page has interesting content, and your brand’s website will be about 53% more likely to rank on the first page of Google. This will help you reach the right audience, which will eventually result in more leads and a higher conversion rate.

2. Optimize the Video Type

This is obvious; if the strategy is right, good video content is bound to get the attention and appraisal it deserves from the target audience. Therefore, do your research on what kind of content fits the taste of your target audience and produce videos accordingly.

There are various kinds of videos that you can upload to attract more audiences, such as promotional videos, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, explainer videos, etc. Add the tutorials and explainer videos to your landing page so that the audience can make quicker decisions regarding purchasing your product.

Behind-the-scenes videos work best on social media platforms as they help you build a strong bond with your audience. And the best part is that they are very low effort, meaning that you won’t have to edit them before posting them on social media.

But that doesn’t mean that the other video formats are hard to create and will cost a fortune. It’s unnecessary to hire professionals every time you think of creating a video. You can shoot a decent video just by using your smartphone.

Now, if your prime concern is the editing part, using an online video editor is the best way out. The features of online video editors are very user-friendly, and one can master them in a day or two.

3. Add Clickable Links

One of the best ways to increase the conversion rate of your video is to add links that’ll help enhance the shopping experience of your audience.

If you add your brand’s video content as an ad in a YouTube video, make the most of the call-to-action buttons. The interested user will go straight to your website just by clicking that button. If you have posted your brand’s video content like a regular video on YouTube, CTA buttons are still going to come in handy.

Suppose you have uploaded an explainer video on your brand’s YouTube channel. Now, if you place a CTA button that contains a link to the product you are talking about in some corner of the video, the interested audience will click on the link to know more.

So, other than including the link to your website in the video description, you should also utilize the CTA buttons. This can turn even regular audiences into potential customers and drive more traffic to your website.

4. Post-Purchase Onboarding

It’s natural for a seller to wish that their buyers keep coming back after their purchases and stay loyal. But the chances of this happening aren’t 100%, right?

Though it’s quite challenging to reach that number just yet, you can still call it a win when even 1% of your customers come back to repurchase from your brand.

Your job as a brand is to make the buyer feel more connected after their purchase. Video can be a fantastic tool to nurture that relationship by onboarding them in a delightful yet effective way.

You can use short tutorials to help your customers understand your brand’s ins and outs in detail. It is also essential to find an excellent way to deliver them to your customers. You can do this by sending the videos as an email to help onboard new trial users to your brand’s products.

Overall, the success rate may be lower compared to others, but remember that this is not the only way to make sure your customers are loyal to your brand. If customers benefit from your brand’s products, they will automatically become loyal.

5. Customer Testimonials

Your potential customers and audiences are more likely to believe the words of a customer than that of an influencer. Therefore, other than marketing your products through influencers, you must also get testimonials from the benefitted customers.

By putting customers’ testimonials on your social media handles, you will attract more audiences and turn them into customers as well.

Plus, if you add the customer testimonials to your brand’s official website, customers will be able to make quicker and better decisions. While recording the testimonials, ask the customer to present a problem of theirs that your product has effectively solved to show your audience how much of a necessity the product is.


Now that you have all the tips and tricks you need to increase your brand’s conversion rate using video content, it’s time to get started!

Even though it’s true that some types of videos require a professional touch to turn out perfect, many video formats can be created with low effort, using nothing other than your smartphone. Start by focusing on the ones you can create using your smartphone, and once your brand reaches its business goals, you can always think big.

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Benedict Gareth

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