How To Start Content Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners [2020]


Content is an integral part of any project. When you are writing an article or a blog, the write-up needs to have certain characteristics to attract the attention of the readers and keep them glued till the end. While videos are becoming extremely popular these days, a well-written and relevant piece of content are always good to read.

Content writing has become rather popular in the past few years. You can find a number of people venturing into content writing. But what will make you stand out completely depends on how you structure your content. For beginners, the following are some key points that you might want to hold on to when to start writing your first or your next article.

Create a Structure

The structure of the content will be one of the most vital parts of your write-up. The content should be divided into an introductory paragraph, the body of the write-up, and the conclusion.

The introductory paragraph should be an insight into what the rest of the write-up will narrate. This part should be a creative introduction to the topic. The paragraph need not be lengthy but if you wish to convey more information, you may divide the content into 2 paragraphs for better reading.

The body of the write-up will be the part where a set of detailed points about the topic should be explained. The body can be divided into subtitles as required. Each paragraph in the body should mention a new point. Redundancy will not be appreciated by the readers. Make sure you keep the content to the point.

The concluding paragraph of the write-up is as important as the introduction and the body. In this paragraph, you can mention the inference you take based on the information provided in the body. For many topics, a conclusion can be as informative as the body of the write-up.

Give an Interesting Title

What attracts the attention of the reader initially? The Title!

Just like when you start writing you start with the title, and the reader starts reading with the title. The title itself gives you an idea about what is in store in the rest of the article.

The title of your write-up should be a creative tagline that will grab the attention of the reader. While a simple title can be good enough for most the general topics, creative and funky spin to it will always attract the reader. You need not use Shakespearean English. But a well-worded title always gives a little boost to the article.

When you decide on the title of your write-up keep it short. For example, instead of ‘A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners on How to Start Content Writing’ you can write ‘Content Writing Tips and Tricks for Beginners.’

Study and Research

A well-studied and researched write-up is always more interesting. Your write-up should mention facts. For example, in topics related to politics, education, and medical science the information mentioned in the write-up should be true to the best of your knowledge.

You can go through a few related websites and articles and compile the content to suit the structure of your write-up. Make sure that you extract your information from reputed and authentic sources. Make note of all the important points related to the topic from these sources. You may then frame them into sentences as per the required information and the word limit. The intent of the content is to inform the reader and not confuse him.

Creative, Crisp, and Precise Content

A creative and well-scripted write-up is always more gripping. A well-scripted write-up does not beat around the bush. You need not stuff your content with irrelevant information. Stick to the topic and make each statement valuable. The readers should have some productive information at the end of the write-up.

You can incorporate interesting instances and stories to explain the intent of the passage. Depending on the topic and the readers you are targeting, frame the content and the sentences to catch their attention. For example, for a younger reader reading an entertainment magazine, the write-up can be a little more casual as compared to a write-up written for a corporate newsletter which needs to be to the point and formal.

Keywords are Important

Keywords play an important part in SEO and SEM processes, even though; the write-up should not be stuffed with the keywords. Instead, mention the keywords only when most relevant. You may use a secondary keyword to convey your message.

Special Attention to Vocabulary, Language, and Grammar

When you start writing an article, pay attention to the vocabulary that is being used. Not everyone is Shashi Tharoor! Choose words that are easily understood by everyone. Keep in mind the target readers. Frame your sentences accordingly.

For topics such as politics and religion, choose your language carefully. Make sure that you create content that everyone can relate to and doesn’t offend anyone. It is essential to make sure that the readers are contented reading the article.

You need not be an English Scholar to create good content. While writing, some basic knowledge about the rules of Grammar is enough. Make sure to abide by them for crisp and high-quality content.

Thorough Proof Reading

Once you have finished your write-up, thorough proofreading of the content is very essential. This will help you eliminate any mistakes such as repetitive words, redundant information, spelling mistakes, and irregular Grammar. While proofreading you may even add some information or delete any irrelevant part. This will only help you to deliver a well scripted and solid write-up.


Once you have mastered the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to create content on any topic. The key is to plan the flow of the write-up and the amount of information you wish to convey through it. Remember while research is the base of any content, the structure, and your creativity are the icing on the cake.

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Benedict Gareth

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