How AI Can Leverage Marketing Efforts

AI is booming and is now more accessible, allowing brands to benefit from the insights and automation features it provides. If you still aren’t able to leverage the innovative AI-powered solutions in your marketing, you are losing on the competitive front. Customer experience is just one facet of AI, there are several tools that were once utilized at the enterprise level but are now affordable to be used by small and medium-sized companies.

AI has been helping brands in enhancing every single step of the customer journey thereby enabling them in targeting the right strategy to the right person in a time-saving and effective way. The good thing is AI is not limited to one particular aspect but can cover wider horizons. The perfect example is the ‘smart compose’ feature in Gmail & Google Docs. As per Mckinsey’s report, AI adoption had led to revenue increase for the majority of the business functions. AI in marketing allows marketers to gain insightful data from the web, social media, email and other campaigns and analyze them to take recommended actions. Businesses that already started reaping their benefits are already at the forefront of their particular sector. Let’s dive in to understand what benefits AI can offer in marketing.

1. Automation
When the whole world is heading towards automation, why not marketing? After all, AI can bring more insights into your data. In collaboration with marketing automation, it can do wonders by transforming data into fruitful decisions. Gone are the days, when the end-to-end process was manual. AI automation could now be used in social media, copywriting, email marketing, ad copies, etc. instead of one, it can offer 5-10 different variations and this is exactly why it could be more advantageous than you could imagine. It can help scale the campaigns, track user journeys, and offer personalized communication to encourage them to take action thereby generating the intended results.

2. Personalization
AI makes your marketing efforts more personalized. The custom experience could be delivered to customers basis the stage they are at in their journey. Several companies have started using AI to personalize their websites, emails, social media, and other content to understand customer needs and fulfill them. A better example, in this case, pushes notifications to mobile customers that are personalized and deliver a positive user experience. Product recommendation is another good example that encourages user action. From personal recommendations to personal messages, AI covers a vast arena of custom approaches.

3. Error minimization
In our efforts to promote business and gain fruitful actions from the target audience, we are sometimes bound to create an error. These errors could cost us poor customer experience making the way for customer exits. It’s interesting to realize that AI can be a cure for such errors. In a world of cyber-attacks, we don’t wish to compromise data security. AI learns and reacts to the cybersecurity the business is expected to implement. There might be another case wherein AI can help with the offer of proper resources or solutions to the requirements raised by customers.

4. Quick decision-making
The capability of real-time tracking and analysis helps marketers gain insights and a deep understanding of actionable events. AI is able to collect and track the information that could be used for actionable purposes as and when needed. Authenticity, security, and accuracy are guaranteed more than human intervention and AI-powered campaigns are much more effective than manual methods.

5. Content creation
AI-powered tools make the life of content creators much simpler. Tools like Article Builder and Jarvis can create different content variations to get you the best possible combination that you can directly use. Then there are tools like Grammarly that provide recommendations to make your content more professional and engaging.  You can get more creative ideas to write your content by automating certain tasks such as email content, messages, or social media content.

6. Chatbots
Chatbots are the wonderful creation of AI. From automated information to customer handling, smart bots can handle end-to-end customer management and take them to the bottom of the funnel. Customer service is of utmost importance and any kind of queries related to price, product, service, location, size, quantity, feedback, etc. can be smartly handled by these bots. AIs can even recognize the speech, you must have heard of Siri, Alexa, and google assistant.

7. Automated image recognition
The software has turned superhuman in recognizing people. Take the example of Google Photos, the system has become the best several retailers deploy facial recognition software at their stores. Big brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest are using AI-powered image recognition techniques to identify people and objects from images and videos.

8. Personalized website experience and CRO
Apart from building new websites, AI can offer visitors a good engaging experience during their website journey. It analyses hundreds of good pointers to understand the user behavior and accordingly suggests the best possible offers and content to convert a visitor into a customer. Push notifications could be another important aspect that is highly personalized and intended to generate actions. Slackbot on the other hand could analyze google analytics data and send key insights on performance and large-scale changes if any. This could be helpful to keep the website up and running.

Final Thoughts
Things like personalized user experience and automated content curation weren’t possible earlier but those are now a necessity and can be used for greater benefit. Algorithms can learn enough with the help of data pointers, it’s up to us how we feed the data and utilize them. In leading the marketing efforts, do not be too aggressive with the personalization else it can rebound, so make sure your content and messaging appear natural to users. For businesses to take advantage and reap the maximum benefits of booming technology, it’s necessary to implement such tools to save manual effort and time.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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