10 Best Digital Marketing Tools That Every Digital Marketer Loves!

10 Best Digital Marketing Tools That Every Digital Marketer Loves!

The digital marketing industry is dynamic, and you are no exception if you feel like you’re being asked to accomplish more with less.

We understand the need to be well-versed in digital marketing tools. While nothing beats a solid marketing plan and a talented creative team, picking the right technological stack can make a difference in effectively establishing an online presence for your company.

Digital Marketers require technologies to automate tedious processes, supplement our abilities, communicate more effectively, and scale what we are doing rightly.

And if we talk about digital marketing tools, there are numerous options to select from — at least for every channel and every specific kind of task we are taking up.

Using the correct tools can help you identify and reach your target audience better, whether you work in a B2B or B2C environment. Without a second thought, it is assumed that you will love these tools like other digital marketers because, with these tools, you will be able to take your initiatives to another level.

10 Best Digital Marketing Tools Every Digital Marketer Loves:

  1. Canva:

With a sophisticated platform, Canva makes developing design elements simple. Simple things look more elegant, and we are aware of this. Don’t worry if you cannot draw a simple stick-like figure. Canva’s design storehouse allows you to pick and tweak a design without needing special abilities to produce a spectacular pixel-perfect design.

Canva also offers graphic animations, infographics, and movies.

So this tool is loved by all marketers because creating a creative just relevant to your post becomes easy with this!

  1. Google Analytics:

You’ve almost likely heard of — and used — Google Analytics as a digital marketer. It’s a well-known free tool and one of the most successful digital marketing tools for tracking customer demographics, analyzing traffic, and monitoring keywords. It also provides information on the customer’s gender and location.

Using Google Analytics as a weapon, you can quickly determine which affiliate site or hashtag is driving the most traffic to your site. You may then use this information to improve site performance and generate more effective marketing efforts.

  1. Hubspot:

HubSpot offers a variety of marketing tools, but the Hubspot CRM is particularly popular due to its robust features.

Email tracking and notifications, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and a live chat option are all included in the HubSpot CRM.

Furthermore, HubSpot’s user-friendliness sets it apart from the competition.

The most incredible thing about the HubSpot CRM tool is that it is entirely free.

Unfortunately, the free plan has the limitation of only allowing two users to access the CRM.

On the other hand, the subscription plan allows you to add one million contacts and unlimited users.

  1. Semrush:

Artificial Intelligence is of utmost help in generating traffic to your website.

Semrush offers more than 50 tools to help you compete with your rivals. It is usually recognized as an SEO tool; however, that may be oversimplifying the software’s capabilities, as it also includes several other digital marketing tools.

Semrush has functionality for social media competition research, conversion rate optimization, PPC surveillance, and public relations monitoring and is a good line of defense if you’re searching for a suite of tools to defend against the onslaught of competitors trying to force you out of business.

  1. OptinMonster:

OptinMonster is a delight for Email Marketers. OptinMonster gives powerful capabilities disguised in simplicity to end-users, whether you’re a startup, small business, or even an enterprise-level corporation with a WordPress site or blog.

OptinMonster uses Google Analytics data to create a highly personalized lightbox popup for collecting emails, countdown timers, inline forms, content locks, and targeted campaigns. It integrates with the tool very effortlessly.

  1. Trello:

No wonder you may be working on multiple projects as a digital marketer. Trello, one of the most user-friendly organizational tools available, may make your life easier.

Trello gives you an option to create a board for your team where you use cards to track the status of the multiple projects you are working on. Before the article is published, any team member can provide feedback and manage revisions. This adaptability enables you to interact with your colleagues and store all of your marketing initiatives in one place. Isn’t it just great?

  1. Slack:

There was a period when we used pigeons, smoke signals, and letters to communicate. Slack is an excellent platform to swiftly interact with your team and keep track of your tasks in one place. By now, millions have already been using Slack.

Slack is the next step in communication progression. Messages are sent instantly, and the platform allows you to exchange a variety of file formats.

It also aids in taking up video conference sessions and creating channels for a chosen number of contacts for group conversation to boost productivity.

It also gels up nicely with a variety of other applications and software and has some fantastic features for you to manage your marketing integrations.

  1. Ahref:

Another digital marketing tool noted for its SEO features is Ahrefs. It enables tracking your site’s rankings, comparing it to competitors’ sites, evaluating backlinks and top-performing content, searching for keywords, and much more.

With this amazing tool, you may acquire very complex marketing stats and top search engine rankings. Whether you are a beginner or a skillful digital marketing professional, Ahrefs will provide everything you need to know about SEO.

  1. Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is a social networking tool created by James Blackwell and Henley Wing that has been a superhit since the time of its introduction.

Don’t look elsewhere if you need a tool to get to the heart of social media analytics.

Identifying social media influencers, creating trending journalist profiles, and viewing the most shared material are just a few of Buzzsumo’s capabilities to give you an edge over your competitors.

  1. Lucky Orange:

Lucky Orange generates ever-changing, or we can say, dynamic heat maps for your website, which aid in traffic and conversion rate optimization. It keeps track of a website visitor’s every action, including how long they spend on the site, where they click, etc.

You can create a user interface that will pay off in the long run by identifying loopholes that need improvement. You may also utilize this one-of-a-kind feature to sign up for daily/weekly reports on your website’s traffic performance.

Lucky Orange can help startups, experienced business owners, and anybody with an online presence better understand their target demographic.


It does not matter what digital marketing niche you choose. What matters is the automation of the marketing efforts into your campaigns.

The purpose of digital marketing tools is to automate your tasks which saves your time and increases your website’s traffic and conversions.

If you are a startup, a small business, or a blogger, you can use these ten best digital marketing tools, and I am sure you will love them just like any other digital marketer.

Benedict Gareth
Benedict Gareth

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