How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in India? [Step by Step Guide 2020]

Footsteps to Establish a Digital Marketing Business in India

India has become digital in the true sense of the word in the past few years. As telecom companies and internet services are reaching the remotest of villages in India, the digital world has become particularly lively. With such advancements in technology, digital marketing has become the sizzling new way to advertise businesses across the nation.

From the smallest of businesses to the biggies of the corporate world, everyone has been adapting digital marketing strategies for their business. The digital marketing boom has brought the advertising and marketing world to a new stature. A creative mind and a pertinent skill set are as much as necessary to start a digital marketing business in India. Thinking about starting your very own digital marketing agency?  Let us help you out with the initial footsteps of your goal.

Step 1: Branding and Logo Design

When you look at a product, the first thing that catches the eyes and ears is the brand name and the logo.

Branding is a critical part when starting your own business. This will be the identity of your business by which the clients will remember you. The brand name should be such that the clients can easily remember but, at the same time is relatable to your business.

In the same way, a logo is a pictorial identification of your brand.  It is an easier way of remembering a brand. Select a logo that connects you and your brand name. It need not be a fancy intricate one. Even a simple logo design can do wonders.

Step 2: Register Brand Name

Registering your brand name with the Government is essential for giving your business a legal identity. This is one of the most important steps to run your business lawfully per Government rules and regulations. You can choose to register your company as a ‘Private Limited Company’, a ‘Proprietorship ’, a ‘Limited Liability Partnership’, or a ‘One Person Company.’ Many times, businesses are registered as a Proprietorship and expanded to more than one owner to a Private Limited Company.

In India, registering a business involves registering the company name along with registering for a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number. A GST number is essential for every business in India as it helps the Government to manage taxes without any discrepancies. Registering for and filing GST will help to manage the monthly and yearly taxation and financial dealing of your business.

Step 3: Social Media Presence

As a business running in today’s day and age, a social media presence is indispensable. Social media platforms can help your business reach a wider clientele base than any other platform. Social media sites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have more traffic proving to be a great way to connect to clients from all over the country. You can showcase and share your samples and ideas to connect with the potential client base on these platforms.

Step 4: Create a Website and Register a Domain

A website works as an online brochure for your business. The website will give a brief insight into what you are and what you offer as a digital marketing company.  The websites can hold some of your sample work so that the clientele can understand what you can do for them. A part of the website should be dedicated to a testimonial about a few successful projects by the clients. This will work as a reference for your business. You can add contact information for easy access.

To officially use a website for a business, you must register a domain name. This will be your personal space on the internet for your business. Domain extensions such as ‘.com’ and ‘’ are most frequently used. The domain will be hosted on shared servers, cloud servers, dedicated servers, or VPS (Virtual Private Servers). There are several companies and websites that offer domains and server hosting at reasonable prices. Widely shared servers and cloud servers are used by small to big businesses.

Step 5: Freelance or Build a Team

You can choose to run your business as a proprietor by doing freelancing work or undertaking full-time contracts. Working as a proprietor will involve managing different digital marketing activities single-handedly. The advantage of freelancing or working individually is that you are your own boss. You can implement your ideas and take all the credit too!

In case you wish to build a team, you can hire experts for each of the digital marketing aspects. Content writers, graphic designers, social media managers, ad experts, and sales managers will build your core team. Building a team is possible when you have the proper revenue to pay their salaries. You can hire freelancers for each of these jobs individually.

Step 6: Showcase Samples on Professional Networks

Create and manage profiles on job websites and professional networks where you can share and advertise your digital marketing designs. Such professional websites will connect you to the right clientele base. You can approach each prospective client individually to offer your services. You can search and apply for freelancing projects posted by the clients on these networks. Professional network platforms such as Linkedin have a group of professionals from various fields. You can approach your target audience by making connections and sharing your work.

Step 7: Build a Clientele

It is necessary to reach out to the right clientele. To start with, you can approach startups and small setups for digital marketing needs. This will help you to create a solid and relevant experience in the field of digital marketing. You can eventually scale up to bigger firms and organizations.

You can create an account on social media platforms to brand your business. Share the precise and regular posts about your work. This way, you can target specific clientele at a time.

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