Are you searching for some new, exciting and excellent career opportunities? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get detailed information on the latest buzz worldwide – ‘DIGITAL MARKETING.’

Wondering what is ‘Digital Marketing’?

Google can give you several definitions of Digital Marketing. However, the simple concept of Digital Marketing is, “It is a study-based execution of various marketing plans which can be used to increase sales and digitally promote businesses, services, and products.”

Now the critical question is why to choose digital marketing as a career? So here we are with the “Top 12 Reasons To Choose Digital Marketing As a Career”. Let’s take a look!

1. Plenty of jobs.

The most important reason to choose digital marketing as a career is, the job opportunities it provides. Yes! As digital marketing is a combination of various marketing modules and divisions, there are multiple opportunities for getting a job in each module.

The multiple job opportunities in Digital Marketing are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Digital Marketing Executive.
  • SEO Executives and Experts.
  • Inbound marketing manager.
  • Social Media Marketers and Ex
  • Content Marketing Manager.
  • Content Writer.
  • Copy Writers.
  • 2. Attractive salary and increasing growth graph.

    The salary structure in the Digital Marketing field is excellent. Once you excel in any specific module, you can expect a good salary. A recent survey source has stated that wages are increasing precisely in digital marketing as compared to the previous years.

    If you are creative, perform well, and excel, then salary is no bar for you. Digital Marketing is a fastly-growing industry, so go ahead and expect your personal growth alongside as well.

    3. An increasing number of smart-phone users worldwide.

    Increasing no. of mobile companies, affordable network plans are the main reason behind the tremendous growth in smart-phone users worldwide.

    Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart-phone, predominantly using social media and e-commerce websites. Technology has made it simpler to reach the masses through Digital Marketing effortlessly.

    4. High demand for skilled digital marketers.

    According to job search sites, there are more than 12.5 k jobs in Digital Marketing in India.

    Digital Marketing provides an array of job profiles, almost like pick-and-start.  You can select a job as per your interests, skills, and forte. There is a higher demand for digital marketing professionals than ever, with a predictable increase in the future too.

    5. Multiple growth opportunities with a higher success rate.

    Demand for skilled and efficient Digital Marketing professionals is highly increasing with time. If you have the skills and flexible approach for acquiring new knowledge with changing time, then this is the right choice of career for you. Digital Marketing provides multiple growth opportunities for all, whether it may be a fresher, entrepreneur, business person, or an entire company.

    6. Work with freedom.

    Digital Marketing comes with work-time flexibility. You don’t need to follow that 10am-5pm typical work routine. You can work from home, as all it requires a good internet connection and a laptop, that’s it! Digital Marketing is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to get caged in typical routine work-time and structure.

    7. Gift for technology lovers.

    With the tremendous growth in production of mobiles and other electronic gadgets, the millennial are more techno-savvy compared to their previous generation. If you think yourself among those technology freaks, digital marketing is for you.

    8. Assured future scope.

    Every business has to create an online presence to reach their prospects. As many as 1, 06,086 websites are registered daily! Google Adwords serves an average of nearly 30 billion impressions per day. It looks like Digital Marketing is not going anywhere.

    The future scope is excellent for digital marketing, which becomes another great reason to choose digital marketing as a career.

    9. Easy to excel if you are a passionate and committed learner.

    To learn and excel in digital marketing is not that much of a task if you are a passionate and sincere learner. Digital Marketing is divided into various modules so one can excel in a specific module if learned with dedication.

    The important thing is how you execute and apply your knowledge after learning. If you are creative, can think out of the box and can create new strategies, then Digital Marketing is the right choice for you.

    10. The Benefit of ‘Digital India’ campaign.

    Demonetization in India followed with people becoming more aware of digital and electronic payment methods. The Digital India campaign lead to a drastic leap from traditional to digital. The campaign invigorated the usage of the smart world and in turn, spread the concept of digital marketing further in India.

    Digital Marketing gaining that prominence in India, traditional marketing is slowly taking a step back, thereby creating more opportunities for digital marketers.

    11. The social media hype.

    We have to thank the improving speed of mobile networks, as it has connected everyone through social media. An average time count that a user spends on social media sites every day is of two hours respectively. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are the most used online destinations.

    Social media have utilized this increasing crowd as an audience for advertising and invest in brainstorming for new placements for adverts depending on viewership. Via Social Media reaching a relevant audience is just one click away. If you love wandering over the social media sites and know how to connect with the audience; you will surely stay long in Digital Marketing.

    12. Fastest medium to communicate with the target audience.

    The Internet looks at everyone alike – small, medium enterprises or MNCs! Using online marketing tools and platforms for growth have helped companies stay on par with their competitors, whereas traditional marketing is a place only for companies that can spend.

    Online channels provide targeted audiences for every level of marketing –Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, and Purchase. Plus, digital connectivity has boosted the performance of these online channels to reach people and businesses.

    Everyone wants online exposure for their businesses and brands, and for that, they require professionals who can help and provide services to them.

    If you find yourself as a dedicated learner, enthusiast, open and flexible to accept new challenges and trends, can develop crazy ideas with a creative mind with the ability to think out of the box, then this DIGITAL MARKETING is undoubtedly an excellent choice for you.

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