Apoorva Patil is an Engineering graduate who has switched her career in Digital Marketing. She is currently working at ‘dconsumerI Mediatech Pvt Ltd.’ Here we share her story of the digital marketing journey.

1. Why did you choose digital marketing as your career?

I have completed my graduation in Computer Engineering from R.T.M.N.U. I was searching for some job-oriented courses to enhance and develop my skills, thus to get promising job opportunities.

One of my friends told me about digital marketing. After listening from them when I searched about digital marketing, I was amazed to know the multiple exciting career opportunities available in this sector. So I decided to switch my career in digital marketing.

2. Why did you choose IIDM for pursuing the Digital Marketing Course?

When I decided to pursue the digital marketing course, my main concern was to find such Digital Marketing Institute where I can learn from scratch and IIDM came to the rescue for me. When I visited there, I was quite nervous as I did not know about digital marketing. They guided me so well and discussed all of my queries; hence, I decided to enroll at IIDM.

3. Share your experience of learning Digital Marketing at IIDM.

IIDM is intended to provide the finest learning environment to its students. All the Faculties at IIDM are highly experienced and co-operative. One of the best parts about learning at IIDM is the interactive teaching approach. It helped me in gaining integrated knowledge about various modules of Digital Marketing along with certifications.

IIDM not only provides the Digital Marketing Course, but they also offer internships to their students so that they can work on live projects and gain practical knowledge. If I have to share my experience at IIDM in a single word, then I will say “AWESOME.”

Their placement coordinator communicates with students by giving them information about the available opportunities and helps them to secure a job after the successful completion of the Digital Marketing Course. I worked as an intern at IIDM, which was a fantastic experience as I got the opportunity to polish my skills while working on live projects.

4. Do you think that Digital Marketing helped you in achieving career growth and how?

Of course! Learning Digital Marketing was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Digital Marketing is an ocean of opportunities. One can surely build a substantial career in this sector once they develop the necessary skills.

IIDM played an essential role in building my career. They provide placement assistance for their students so that students can get information about the vacancies, job opportunities available in multiple companies.

5. What are the various skills that you have developed during your course?

I learned various modules in the Digital Marketing Course, e.g. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Analytics, Adwords and much more.

Along with this, they helped me to acquire some soft skills like communication skills, presentation skills, which benefited me not only for securing a job but also for my overall growth.

6. Which strategies do you use to keep yourself updated about the new trends in the Digital Marketing world?

The Digital Marketing industry is tremendously growing, where keeping yourself updated about the new trends and ideas is essential. My hobby is reading, so I use it as a tool for gaining knowledge and being updated.

I follow some well-known blogs like MOZ blog (SEO and inbound marketing), Content Marketing Institute blog, and read them regularly. In addition to this, I have subscribed for some Digital Marketing YouTube channels also.

7. What will be your suggestion for the newbies in Digital Marketing?

As I previously said that the Digital Marketing sector is an ocean of opportunities and if you want to build your career in this field, then give it a shot for sure. Be a keen learner and strive to acquire skills as it will help you throughout your career.

Once you learn about Digital Marketing and develop the necessary skills then your bright career is not so far at all, and I would like to add one thing in this, if you decided about learning Digital Marketing but confused from where to pursue this course to get detailed knowledge then I will surely recommend IIDM from my previous experience.

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