8 Easy YouTube SEO Tricks to Boost Your Videos’ Search Rankings!

Everyone knows watching a video is preferable to reading a lengthy blog article. I realize I should have made a video of this; maybe someday. 59% of CEOs say viewing a video is more enjoyable than reading text.

There are quite a few of them. So, video SEO has many advantages, like more excellent watch time, increased brand recognition, and higher leads and sales.

The basics of search engine algorithms like Google and YouTube to rank websites and videos are the same.

The goal is to give users the greatest experience possible; thus, Google search results and YouTube video search results have been integrated to make searching easier.

In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step how to use some basic SEO techniques to promote your YouTube videos.

8 Easy YouTube SEO Tricks to Boost Your Videos’ Search Rankings!

It’s really easy and simple to mix your SEO and video strategies to help boost your marketing.

By doing this, you’ll increase the duration of your videos, catch your audience’s attention, and further your YouTube remarketing efforts.

The following eight steps will help you improve your YouTube SEO and increase traffic and video views.

1. Choose your Keywords Carefully:

Every month, SERP competition increases. New rivals, goods, and services are all vying for the top rankings. Therefore, finding ways to vary your offering and yourself is critical.

Do your keyword research and choose phrases that can bring you traffic but are less competitive unless you can compete with highly competitive ones.

The same tools you’d use for PPC or SEO’s keyword research, such as

  • The Free Keyword Tool from WordStream.
  • Google Keyword Tool.
  • Semrush or Moz.
  • Google searches related searches, search suggestions, and more!

2. Put Keywords in the Title of your Video:

The first step is to comprehend your audience’s search intent. The most prevalent are informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional search intents.

Therefore, if you want your video to show up in search results, it will be essential that it correspond with the objectives of both your audience and your audience.

Before moving on, ensure you know WHY you want to make a YouTube video and who the target audience is. For instance, put the product name in the title and description of the video if you want to highlight a product review.

Although it seems easy, many YouTube channels skip this step, which causes their videos to rank poorly in Google and YouTube search results.

3. Incorporate the Keyword into your Video File:

Very straightforward, but YouTube might consider this when determining how high up the search results to display your film.
Your video will likely rank and receive more search volume if the file name you are uploading contains the desired keyword.

The filename appears when you upload a new video. Ensure your file name is updated before you post it because YouTube will use this to determine whether the video is relevant.

4. Improve the Description of your YouTube Video:

Having a strong, optimized video description is one of the most crucial ranking elements for YouTube SEO. YouTube will reassess the video if you modify or update any element of the movie, including the video description, closed captions, and thumbnails. It’s crucial to get it correctly the first time because this could turn out well or not.

YouTube advises keeping your description to no more than 200 words and including your most relevant keywords in the first couple of phrases. Make your description relevant, in general.
Delete it if it doesn’t assist a user.

5. Use Hashtags for Videos to Influence YouTube Search Results:

Users may now use You hashtags (#) on social media to search for information that responds to their queries across several sites.

So that people may locate your video more quickly when they search for a particular hashtag, you can add hashtags to the descriptions and titles of your YouTube videos.

Particularly, tags aid in advancing search since they highlight important trends.

When you insert a hashtag in the video description, it will first appear above the video’s title before turning into a hyperlink.

Additionally, keep in mind where you put the hashtags for your videos here. Hashtags from descriptions won’t be displayed next to the video title if you include one in the title.

6. Choose a Video Category:

Users can view videos from several categories when searching for a specific movie using advanced options. To enhance your possibility of getting noticed by viewers, contextualize your video using types before uploading.

You should be able to discover a category on YouTube that fits your videos because there are so many alternatives available. When uploading your video, you have the option of choosing a

7. Make your Thumbnail Image Unique:

Thumbnails can help or hurt your YouTube videos. They are the first thing people notice when they view YouTube search results. A strong thumbnail can increase watch time, which significantly impacts YouTube ranking.

To ensure that your video is seen, make something that stands out from the throng and attracts attention. As an illustration, these thumbnails are just grabbed from the video and are most likely
not the most pertinent to draw the user’s attention.

The best technique to get results is to make a bespoke thumbnail, but the actual secret to success is to explain to viewers what your video is about and how it will help them.

8. Include Closed Captions and Subtitles:

Use closed captions and subtitles to navigate YouTube search, which is the final piece of advice.

While video subtitles are used to interpret video speech for viewers unable to grasp the video language, closed captions are meant for viewers unable to hear the audio.

Similar to a transcript, both closed-caption files and subtitles contain the text of what is spoken in the video.

Additionally, the file will provide timing information for when each line of text should appear in the movie so that it can correspond to speech or another visual component.

Another advantage of having a transcript for your video is that, like a blog, it may be found by major search engines.

You can select your language for file and video on the upload video screen. Several excellent tutorials are available for creating an SRT file for your video.

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